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THE CROW: Just imagine if you’d thought this was to be your team’s year

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Published: 9 May, 2014

SPURS by Catherine Etoe

IT’S not easy being a football fan. I mean, just imagine if you had thought that this year was your year. That this season would finally put an end to all those years of disappointment. That this May would see you dancing in the streets with inflatable Premier League trophy balloons. That you’d be so happy you wouldn’t even care if people who know nothing about football started wearing your red shirts and saying they supported your club.

And then, it all came to nothing. A big fat zero. Nada. All you had was the knowledge that next season you could watch your team play in the Champions League even though they’re not the champions of anything. But enough about Arsenal. How about Liverpool on Monday? Boom boom!

Oh come on, let’s not let all the fuss about the Reds’ title tilt, Jose Mourinho’s bus drivers, Jonjo Shelvey’s transforma­tion into Pele and Ryan Giggs’s ability to walk on water obscure the fact that Arsenal were top of the table for 120 days, and then they blew it. Sure, there are those who reckon us Spurs fans would have made do with limp-wristed end of season waves and a lap of appreciation from our players if it meant we’d finished higher than sixth. But, somehow, I doubt it.

Right now, with 90 minutes left to play, the only waves we’re expecting are fare­well ones. The only appreciation I feel like showing is to Tim Sherwood for man­ag­ing with his heart on his sleeve and to Hugo Lloris and Christian Eriksen for being our only guiding lights. We think the agony is almost over… I can’t wait to say, it is now.

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