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The Crow - They beat Milan and the first thing they sing is, ‘Arsenal!’

Published: 10 March, 2011

WHAT’S the first thing Spurs fans did in crummy old White Hart Lane when they beat AC Milan this week? 

They sang: “Are you watching Arsenal?” Jeeeeeez. All these years of being number two in north London really have hurt, haven’t they? More than I had imagined. They made their biggest moment since 1991 all about Arsenal.

It has been two decades since Spurs won a big trophy, 50 years since a league title. The whistle went and what did the Spurs fans think to do:?

a) Congratulate the players who had held off an average AC Milan on the pitch.

Or b) Sing about Arsenal.

They sang about Arsenal. Amazing.

Those are psychological scars running deep through the psyche of every fan who made that their first celebratory song after the final whistle. 

I could not help but weep a compas­sionate tear for them. Their torn brains could not see the wider picture. That their own players would be mauled in the Nou Camp, not come within one goal of the extraordinary. They can’t compute that comparisons with Arsenal’s defeat to the best team in the world were nonsensical.

Weak Liverpool teams unable to contest the Premiership have made it to the Champions League final. Spurs have a similar cup team quality. Their fans should start applauding them for it.

HAVING played for Tottenham and Wolves, Sunday’s 3-3 draw at Molineux was a fitting tribute to Dean Richards, who recently passed away.  

The game was exciting, full of twists and turns and proves again that Spurs are value for money. Truthfully, though, I’d take a boring 1-0 win because with Man City and Chelsea victorious at the weekend, fourth place is not looking good. I believe at the end of this campaign we’ll again be caught short because of our never-ending defensive frailties. 

As a Spurs fan Arsenal’s loss to Barcelona should make me feel good and, in that old rivalry kind of way, it does. However, I found myself feeling quite sorry for them because of the Robin van Persie sending off. Let’s make no bones about it, Barcelona were by far the better team, superior in every way. But when a referee makes the kind of decision he did, eventually it will affect all of us because refs, unlike teams, seemingly have nothing to lose. 

If the player had shown dissent for the offside decision, or argued with the assistants then fair enough, but he didn’t. He took a shot not hearing the whistle and I honestly believe him! 

However the statistics did not make good reading for the Gooner faithful. When they beat Barcelona at the Emirates, Arsenal fans could be heard chanting, “who are ya?”  Well, I think reducing your team to no shots on target for a whole game has well and truly given you the answer. 


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