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Rock and Pop: Record of the week - Euphoric///Heartbreak By Glasvegas

Euphoric///Heartbreak By Glasvegas

Published: 7 April, 2011

GLASVEGAS have evolved just the right amount – the music is bigger, more produced and tinged with futuristic elements in the Blade Runner vein – but they’re still in there.

The accents haven’t softened, the lyrics are as gritty as expected and James Allan’s vocals are as laden with pain and heartbreak as ever.

What is missing is much of their characteristic retro percussion, which seems to have been superseded by  Euphoric /// Heartbreak’s  spacey dimension.

Single The World is Yours bursts through the French intro as a formidable anthem, an apt preamble to Euphoric///Heartbreak’s oddly jarring and hypnotic arrangement – expect to wake from your slumber. Almost faultless, although we could do without the forward/backslashes in the title. 


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