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LSE society in ‘name-change’ wrangle

Published: 2 November, 2012

A SOCIETY at the London School of Economics was told it could not change its name to include “ex-Muslims” because it might put students in danger.

The Atheist, Secularist and Humanist (ASH) society voted to add the phrase to its name to represent students of a Muslim background who have become non-religious.

They say that 20 per cent of their 78 members identify with the term “ex-Muslim”.

But LSE Students’ Union is refusing to allow the name-change.

In an email response to the society, the students’ union said: “We feel that by adding ‘ex-Muslim’ to the society name it will no longer become a safe space for ex-Muslims – in the sense that it may be an indication as to where ex-Muslims can affiliate to.”

Sundas Hoorain, of the ASH society, called the decision “offensive and oppressive,” saying that young Muslims who renounce their faith need support for the problems they face in “coming out”.

She said: “It is deeply upsetting when, even in LSE, the students’ union, instead of saying we will support and accept you, say your existence is not convenient for us.”

The students’ union is negotiating with the ASH society and has proposed a “trial” period after which the student group can reapply for approval of a new name.


Britain is really a test case

Britain is really a test case for how to f*ck up in every conceivable way in letting a suppressive, dangerous domestic violence cult weave into it's country's culture without enforcing its own laws to mitigate the effects of a drastically different worldview on its own citizens and therefore render impotent its own legal system and traditions. I am very sorry for those affected including innocent women raped by men who view them as infidels and therefore legally rape-able, women who are British citizens but nonetheless "honor" murdered because Britain has allowed the phantasmagorium called Sharia law to insinuate itself into its legal system, other women and girls who are legally citizens but who are spirited off to other countries to forced marriages in full violation of their human rights...and the hits just keep on coming. Every day in the news there is another story about how Britain consistently fails to apply their own laws and legal traditions to citizens of their own country in order to protect the feelings of an unassimilatible minority who really want nothing but to destroy Britain itself and institute Sharia as the law of the land. Britain therefore has no one but itself to blame for any problems it may be having with EDF or any other right wing factions when the powers that be refused to take the first hits on the front line of this resistance to stone age legal traditions and primate level organization of society insisted upon by a very vocal and obnoxious minority. While illogic may prevail in Britain, the rest of the world is definitely watching and learning from their mistakes.

Patronising censorship

How kind of the SU : they're going to prevent you choosing how to identify yourselves, but it's *for your own good*.

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