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Duke of York joins religious leaders for inter-faith summit at Central London Mosque

The Duke of York speaks to Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat

The Duke of York speaks to Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat, Head Imam and Head of Religious Affairs at the mosque

Published: 1 June, 2012

THE Duke of York joined religious leaders at an inter-faith summit at the Central London Mosque in Regent’s Park on Monday.

The event, aimed at fostering harmony between Jews, Muslims and Christians, was organised by The Maimonides Foundation, a charity established by Iranian Jewish philanthropist Professor David Khalili.

He told the audience, which included Ahmed al-Dubayan, the mosque's director general: “As a Jew born in a Muslim country I have always been acutely aware of the perceived differences between the three Abrahamic faiths which represent the beliefs of over half the world.”

Prince Andrew said it was appropriate that the event was happening shortly before the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as respect and tolerance were “values close to the heart” of the royal family.

He added: “At the heart of all this is family, community, being together, understanding that a family is at the heart of society and that it makes no difference what our faith is to be a part of that society that we live in.

“As I travel around the UK I come across a number of different communities but we are all part of one country.”

The Maimonides Foundation has launched Interfaith Explorers, a “learning resource” that gives school children the chance to find out more about the three Abrahamic faiths and the differences and similarities between them.


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