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LETTERS: Why make school-age children carry travel passes?

Published: 14 October, 2016

• WHILE travelling on a No 134 a young boy in full school uniform tried to board the bus. 

LETTERS: Traffic trial has meant ambulance journey times have lengthened

Published: 14 October, 2016

• I WAS pleased to see letters about the Torrington/Tavistock cycle track mention the increased journey time to UCH. 

LETTERS: There would be evidence if Ken Livingstone was anti-semitic

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Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone

Published: 7 October, 2016

• WHAT’S been decided on Ken Livingstone?

LETTERS: Distraught, I’ve been attacked three times this year

Published: 7 October, 2016

• I AM a disabled woman of 77, a local resident of 34 years, and I have suffered three attacks this year.

LETTERS: HS2 is never going to be a popular choice, we must tackle the privatised rail firms’ greed

Published: 7 October, 2016

• HS2’s £50-£80billion cost represents £900 to £1,250 for every person in the UK. 

LETTERS: Because of these cycle lanes a 15-minute journey can now take me up to an hour

Published: 7 October, 2016

• I WENT to a meeting regarding the proposal for the Tavistock Place/ Torrington Place double cycle lanes to be made permanent.