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We’ve been here before. Remember Bart’s A&E?

• THE announcement of the possible closure of the A and E department at the Whittington and the rush of politicians proclaiming their opposition to the closure reminds me of the late 1990s when we wer

Why wait to end stigma?

• PERHAPS someone should remind Labour politician John Prescott that his party have been in power for 12 years (‘Mean!’ Prescott in school meals attack, December 4).

Few back 20mph

• ANDREW Myer claims a “ringing endorsement” for the 20mph speed limit (Streets we must tame, December 4).

Support our centres

• IT has come to my attention from a recent council report that there is a recommendation to cut the number of community centres in the area from 57 to 48.

Back-door removals

• I HAVE just learned that at 8am on Wednesday physio beds were being removed from Finsbury Health Centre by the back door, while the physio who was working there one day a week has not been seen for

Light on bat plight

• YOU write that “improved lighting could upset the bats who thrive around the towpath” (Bats block towpath lighting after robberies, December 4). It’s a bit more complicated than that.