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Police intelligence and ‘disrupting’ the vice trade

EARLIER this year the police laid on a greatly over-publicised operation against a West End address in Dean Street, Soho.

A fine day!

AS if Westminster’s parking department had not been kept busy enough with bikers protesting at being hit with a new parking levy!

Rates for job

THE Pre-Budget Report is a stark and timely reminder of the tough economic climate we now live in, particularly for local government which is facing a triple whammy of increased demand for services, a

Fight against attack on civil liberties

BETWEEN 50 and 70 people braved the weather to hold a candlelit demo of home educating families on December 8 outside the Houses of Parliament.

Suffering of Christians in Palestine is upsetting

AS one of the organisers of and lead singer (soprano) in the alternative, inter-faith, carol event at the Actor’s Church, Covent Garden, I was very pleased to see your article (‘Go to hell!’ Peace car

Stunning political victory

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Mushtaq Qureshi: death led to by-election

PATRICIA McAllister’s stunning victory in last week’s Queen’s Park ward by-election has changed the political landscape in Westminster.

Hand the homes back

• I UNDERSTAND Hillingdon and Ealing councils are consulting residents, leaseholders and tenants with a view to winding up their arms’-length management organisations (Almos).

Pedestrians must unite in the face of cyclist menace

• I AM writing to express my anger at the behaviour of cyclists. I work in Islington, and walk along Upper Street each day to reach my office.

Just don’t have your heart attack during a rush-hour

• CLOSING the Whittington A and E is madness. In the past fortnight we have had to visit morning outpatient clinics at the Royal Free and the Whittington.

Boris stalled at junction

• THERE was another serious accident at the junction of Holloway Road, Fieldway Crescent and Madras Place recently, but while people are being hurt and killed Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his Tra

Why staff got chocs

• IT was with regret that we read your report (‘Chocolates for votes’ NHS quiz, December 11), which was short on fact and long on speculation.

Tears flow over letter

• FOLLOWING support from the Tribune and councillors Martin Klute and Gary Doolan, the residents of the Popham 1 estate thought they could sleep easy when in October they received letters from Homes f

Baffled by temple bar

• ON a recent spiritual journey to Jerusalem, although not particularly religious, I was disappointed not to be able to go inside the beautiful Temple on the Mount – just because I am not a Muslim.

Free meals fairer for all

• IT is a guiding principle in British life that health and education for children are free, and it is a significant anomaly in our system that the lunchtime meal at school has been excluded from this

A blow for equal rights

• AS a strong supporter of equal rights, I am delighted that Islington Council’s insistence that all registrars must carry out civil partnership ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples has been upheld