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Let’s ditch all the bigotry against our young people - Hoodies are human beings too. . .

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Hoodies are human beings too. . .

ALL I seem to read about is teenage hooded thugs terrorising people and running amok.

Save the Marchmont Bookshop - Proposed demolition of much-loved bookshop

A PROPERTY developer wants to demolish the much-loved Marchmont Bookshop on Burton Street near Euston and replace it with a luxury townhouse.

Measly OBE? He should be knighted - Theatre impresario Braham Murray

IN 1964, a play about capital punishment called Hang Down Your Head and Die, which probably influenced the subsequent parliamentary vote for abolition, was produced in Oxford, then transferred to Lo

We are voters, not Brussel sprouts - ward councillor Braithwaite's arrogant attitude

UNLIKE my ward councillor, Paul Braithwaite, I hardly write letters to be published in the Camden New Journal, but he has finally provoked me to put pen to paper.

Libraries are in danger - The continued existence of the free public library

ACCORDING to the eminent librarian and bibliographer Fred Lerner, there is a danger in relying on a digital form of preservation – both machines and media become obsolete and software is subject to ra

Community minded? - Corner shop Christmas tree confiscation

I WRITE in support of Mehmet’s popular corner shop which is located opposite the Pineapple pub in Leverton Street in Kentish Town with regards to his Christmas trees which were confiscated by Camden C

CNJ Comment - Akmal pays the price of history

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THOSE with an intimate knowledge of China would have felt for weeks that there w

THOSE with an intimate knowledge of China would have felt for weeks that there would be a tragic outcome to the fate of Akmal Shaikh (main story).

Hospital boosts area

BETTER Archway Forum has been dismayed to hear of proposals to downgrade Whittington Hospital.

Staff struggle in isolation

READING a recent leaked independent report on the employment of disabled staff at Islington Council, I was shocked to see how it treats some of its employees with disabilities.

Rooms with a view

IN SUPPORT of the high-density housing development by Notting Hill Trust on the site of the former Ford dealership in Canonbury, Victor Kaufman implored everyone who was against it to “look beyond the

Permit-free, please

IT APPEARS Islington Council has reached an agreement with developers to have the Arundel Square site in Holloway 80 per cent parking permit-free.

Skips part of the solution

THE Lib Dem hierarchy can call us “wrong” on fly-tipping as much as they like, but all the evidence – both anecdotal and statistical – points to an increasing problem with rubbish disposal (Skips fai

Canal basin plaza better off without bulky towers

YOUR photograph showed a group of property developers and planners celebrating the opening of the new plaza at the head of City Road Basin (New basin makes a splash, December 25).

Playground provider

• THE eight to 13-year-olds were in the past been rather overlooked and the new playground at the Peckwater estate (High jinks, December 17) is certainly something to be very much welcomed.

Maiden Lane demolition

• TO read Councillor Paul Braithwaite’s recent letter (December 17), one might think that there was no threat at all to the Maiden Lane estate.