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Protect young from joblessness

• I WAS quietly perusing the papers in Kentish Town last week when the newspaper was grabbed away from me.

‘Icy streets of shame’ and lessons for saving A&E

• IN the New Journal of February 6 2003 a leader was headed “Icy streets of shame”.

How ‘special relationship’ affects a vulnerable citizen

• I AGREE with Robert Ilson’s comparison of the treatment by the government with regard to Akmal Shaikh while on trial in China, and Gary McKinnon, wanted for extradition to America (Let

Fighting for jobs

• THE UK now has the highest rate of unemployment since 1995 with 2.5 million or 8 per cent of the workforce unemployed.

Never mind scaremongers – you’re safe on the canal

• I WOULD take issue with the scaremongering of the people you interviewed in your article about the muggings on the canal (Canal towpath attacks warning, January 7).

Boris’s fare increases hit the poorest the hardest

• IT hasn’t been a very happy new year for local people who rely on the bus and Tube to get about, as Tory Mayor Boris Johnson’s massive fare increases came into effect across Lond

New station suggested

• ANTHONY Parsons (January 7) suggests encouraging the use of Chalk Farm station instead of turning Camden Town station into a shopping centre.  Has anyone considered using the old Kentis

Greater love hath...

• THE “elephantine memory” John Gulliver claims for himself (The long knives are out as duo go backstabbing, January 7) is not up to the standard usually boasted on behalf of pachy

So cruel to cut hospital

• I FIND it completely unbelievable to read about the plan to downgrade Whittington Hospital and take away its A and E department.

Let cyclists obey rules

• I AM writing to support Richard Brennan’s letter (Pedestrians must unite in the face of cyclist menace, December 18) about the irresponsible behaviour of some cyclists, particularly in Upper Street,

What’s to stop us clearing away snow?

• DURING this cold weather, I have been amazed at the attitude of people.

Basin plaza a triumph

• DEL Brenner’s letter about the City Road Basin’s new plaza and the development associated with this seems to us to be somewhat churlish (Canal basin plaza better off without bulky towers, January 1)

Park at your peril!

• BEFORE Christmas I parked on a single yellow line close to Hackney Empire after 6.30pm and came out of the theatre 70 minutes later to find my car had been towed away to a car pound in Poplar.

Charter for bully boys

• I FOUND your front-page article illuminating because it illustrated just how our council’s “common sense” parking policies often have little or nothing to do with the ordinary person’s understanding