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LETTERS: You can even get an Oyster through the jobcentre!

Published: 9 December, 2016

• MANY haven’t heard about a Jobcentre travel to interview scheme, for those signing on and looking for work. 

LETTERS: The pedestrianisation ball is rolling for Oxford Street

Published: 9 December, 2016

• EARLIER this year the Mayor of London committed to pedestrianising the city’s most iconic location – Oxford Street. 

LETTERS: Luxborough Tower has had its playground for years

Published: 18 November, 2016

• THERE have been many letters written regarding the playground in Luxborough Street 

LETTERS: Journalists have missed the point with Leonard Cohen…

Published: 18 November, 2016

• JOURNALISTS seem to be missing the essence of Leonard Cohen. 

LETTERS: Brexiteers seem to want London as a museum city

Published: 18 November, 2016

• HOW sad for Londoners, banks are going to Dublin and Frankfurt, because they no longer have the European passport.