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LETTERS: Where regeneration means regentrification and homelessness

Published: 6 January, 2017

• I AM a retired British citizen, a UK-born baby boomer. 

I’ve always considered a secure tenancy anywhere in the UK my right under the social contract, re-enacted in 1948 by parliament. I’ve never viewed this fact as a privilege or even different from the right of abode enjoyed by the monarchy, landed gentry or politicians.

And I’ve enjoyed upward mobility myself.

So it comes as a shock to witness in Church Street, NW8, where I live the regentrification (and enforced resettlement to anywhere), from my neighbourhood and community of the newly designated “Jams” (the just about managing).

Furthermore with Brexit I gather I am about to lose my European designation passport, and may have to return to the old “British Blue”. Never thought I’d see the day.

And Westminster Council’s regeneration programme actually means regentrification, and thousands of Jams in the borough could find ourselves displaced by 2017.

Henry VIII dispensed with any opposition in his day to contrive divorce and banish his legitimate queen in order to marry another. Through that act, with its devastating consequences, he paved the way for our unwritten constitution and, in my view, justifying Brexit going to the Supreme Court.

Peaceful revolutions have been known to have been caused by a lesser-known irritation than an enforced homelessness by one’s own council.



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