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LETTERS: Play safe with your drone

Published: 6 January, 2017

• IF you received a drone at Christmas, I hope you enjoy flying your device. 

However, please do take care when using it?

Drones in safe open spaces are a lot of fun but flown badly can not only be dangerous but potentially lethal. 

As larger and heavier drones are being sold, there are growing fears that they could even bring down a full sized aircraft, killing or injuring the people in them.

To make sure you fly your drone safely, please follow the advice offered at the Civil Aviation Authority website at:

There is also an app that can be downloaded.

By taking the time to read the CAA’s advice, let us hope we can avoid anyone facing criminal charges or even prison for flying a drone, so please do make sure you always fly safe and have fun.

MEP for London
European Conservatives and Reformists Group Leader


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