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LETTERS: If cyclists feel unsafe on the roads they should use the pavement

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Published: 27 January, 2017

• I AM a pedestrian who feels very strongly indeed about the potential danger to myself, and all other pedestrians, of people cycling on the pavement, the area intended for us, and not for wheeled vehicles.

I was incensed to read that Sergeant Nick Clarke has decided to stop punishing pavement cyclists (Police stop booking pavement cyclists, January 19). 

This will only happen in Primrose Hill at the moment, but how soon will it be extended to other areas?

The rationale for this, we are told, is to safe­guard them in “danger spots where [they] fear sharing the road with cars and lorries”. 

Obviously this is a very valid fear, but not one for which pedestrians are responsible! Why should we, in our turn, have to fear sharing the pavement with cyclists? 

As I have said/written repeatedly when this issue is raised, if cyclists feel unsafe using the roads, they should walk on the pavement, wheeling their bikes next to them, until they reach a road which they do perceive as safe.

I understand that in some roads there are separate areas for cyclists next to, but not on, the pavement.  

This seems the perfect solution: protecting cyclists (I am not anti-cyclists, just pro-pedestrians) by inconveniencing those responsible for the lack of safety suffered by cyclists.  




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