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LETTERS: The facts of the CS11 cycleway survey should be made public

Published: 6 January, 2017

• THE decision for Cycle Superhighway 11 (CS11) is in – it is to go ahead with only a few paltry concessions.

While Transport for London is now allowing southbound traffic to turn right into Hilgrove Road, for access to Kilburn, (that they had to be advised by the public on this rather beggars their own competence), it is likely to be only on a “part-time basis”.

While they are allowing the right turn into College Crescent south from Finchley Road, it will only be for buses and cyclists. This will mean that the northern section of College Crescent, by the BP garage, will have to take up the slack, which will further slow down southbound traffic as there are no lights here.

What is really insane is Transport for London’s new introduction of a right turn from College Crescent south into Finchley Road north. 

This will cut across the whole junction and consequently put yet further strain on what’s left of any semblance of flow as a result of all these changes. 

TfL have taken no account whatsoever of the impact of CS11 to the Belsize Park area. According to their own modelling, southbound traffic will have to cut through either via Belsize Avenue or Eton Avenue/Fellows Road then into Winchester Road and Elsworthy Road in order to reach Avenue Road south.

TfL’s boasted findings of “60 per cent supported the proposals, 37 per cent did not support and 3 per cent were not sure” is highly suspect, especially since they did not include the petition results which, when added to the total, completely reverse the for and against figures. And, most tellingly, TfL refuse to publish the CS11 consultation responses and comments – their justification being that it would cost more than £480 to do so. 

Yet they have already spent £31,000 analysing them. 

The public have a right to see this material.

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