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Feature - Books: Review - The Furnished Room, Barons Court, All Change and Adrift In Soho

Published: 8 December, 2011

The Furnished Room.
By Laura Del-Rivo, £9.99

Anti-hero Joe Beckett wants to saunter through life without being pushed or pulled in any direction by a world that demands he work nine to five, settle down with a nice girl and marry.

Instead he leads a life of grotty bedsits with nagging landladies, all-night cafés with greasy formica-topped tables, and hustlers who are occasionally very rich and often very poor.

Then he is given the chance to commit a crime of such terrifying violence to earn enough to set him up for life.

He faces a moral dilemma that the blank sheet of his soul finds hard to handle.

Barons Court, All Change.
By Terry Taylor, £9.99

Taylor’s novel paints a world of drug dealing marijuana, of smoky Jazz dens, of raucous parties and of a young man wanting to break free from what is expected by society and find a space in life he can call his own.

Adrift In Soho.
By Colin Wilson, £8.99

Harry Preston has left the RAF and headed to London with a few quid in his pocket and a burning desire to experience life.

He falls in with a crowd who value “freedom” above all else – meaning they sacrifice the personal comforts to ensure they can get up when they want, go where they want and sleep where and when they want.

He falls for a straight girl called Doreen who he can help and guide, sets himself up in a room in a house managed by a painter for whom fame is unwanted. Wilson creates a world of characters that drowns the concept of a straitlaced 1950s in a bottle of liquer.

• All three titles are published by Five Leaves Publishing.


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