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Exhibition - 40x40x40:The Millinery Works annual exhibition

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IMAGES of contemporary north London are among the artworks in this year’s exhibition of contemporary British painters, sculptors and ceramicists at Islington’s Millinery Works Gallery.&

Exhibition - Eva Hesse retrospective at Camden Arts Centre

THEY may have been works in progress, or simply experiments before she launched into bigger pieces for public consumption, but the studio sculptures of Eva Hesse are worthy of an exhibition in them

Feature - Gloria Tessler’s new play Unveiling Hagar

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WHILE many think the conflict between Arab and Jew in the Middle East can never be resolved, there is hope for the future, according to the Jewish playwright and journalist Gloria Tessler.

Feature - Frank McGuinness on his new play, Greta Garbo Came to Donegal

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WHEN I was growing up, I thought Kilburn was the capital of Ireland,” says Frank McGuinness, the prolific dramatist best known for his award-winning Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward

Event - Sun Jan 17th - Barbirolli Quartet at Conway Hall

IF we believe the mass media, the only path to success in today’s world is to beat down all competition, especially in the realm of entertainment.

Event - Left-winger Tariq Ali's talk at Burgh House

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TARIQ Ali, the famous firebrand left-wing protester of the 1960s, is coming to Burgh House in Hampstead next week.